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Intermediate Courses

Already have a packraft and want to further your skillset? Our intermediate course will teach you everything you need to know to safely run whitewater, plan multi-day expeditions, and become a backcountry packraft leader for your friend group. We will begin the day with a some classroom time at the Gunnison Whitewater Park and work on drills in man-made rapids there. After a lunch, we will head up and run a section of the Taylor River (II+/III-). 


Course Length: One full day

Course Location: Gunnison, CO

Cost: $200 / per person (2 minimum, 6 maximum)

Bring: Your packraft, paddle, safety gear, river clothing, lunch and snacks

Classroom Topics

  • Overview of Basics
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Advanced Rescue Techniques
  • Rescue Scenarios
  • Wilderness Trip Planning
  • Bikerafting
  • Open Water
  • Risk Management


We have limited availabilities. If our calendar does not line up with yours, please reach out as we are happy to schedule private instruction with a couple people or more.

Field Topics

  • Advanced River Running
  • Self and Assisted Rescue
  • Paddling Techniques
  • Running Safety
  • Portaging
  • Scouting
  • Maneuvering, Bracing and Edging
  • Reading and Running


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